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The United States of America. A country that has long captured the fascination of multitudes of Indians ever since independence in 1947. Many have it proclaimed it a land of dreams where social mobility and flexibility has allowed even the most inane to reach the greatest heights of humanity. The tales from that country have solidified into time worn legends, circulating amongst the masses like society gossip. But how much of it is true? And how much has been blown beyond reasonable proportions hat can be accorded to the country’s educations system? We all have heard of urban legends such as Rajeev Suri, Satya Nadella, and Sundar Pichai. These great people seemingly turned their lives upside down and turned into global sensations overnight. How much of this stupendous transformation can be attributed to the ‘greatness’ of America and how much to their own mental faculties?

Interviews with these leaders has revealed the one secret that separated them from the crowds squirming below. The opportunities presented them in USA. It is no secret that USA has a booming economy that has grown to several times that of India. This has happened in part due to its higher education system that nurtures innovation and how USA has positioned itself as an absolute embodiment of leadership at the global front. Students who wish to walk down the footsteps of their inspirations should really consider investing in an American education that can help catapult them to an advantageous footing in the job market. So if you are looking to get your name etched in the echelons of time by undertaking a degree that adds more value to your resume, USA is the best bet.

This article will take you through the basics of studying in The States.

USA is the world’s 3rd largest country by both land mass and population. It also boasts of the biggest economy that is head shoulders above the rest. Not much needs to be said about this country because its fame precedes itself. It has been the top destination for immigrants worldwide leading to an immense concocting pot of diversity – cultures, languages, religions, and beliefs. It is home to over a million international students who believe in the American ideal of education. And it won’t be an overstatement to say that most of them go on to achieve their dreams at scale. This amalgamation of people from the most obscure corners of this planet have made America an accepting country, friendly and warm to foreigners. No foreigner can ever feel lost here since a friend will always be around the corner.

The most popular cities that have dominated folklore are New York City, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The fact these cities also play host to the biggest chunks of students cannot be reduced to mere coincidence. California (LA and San Francisco) has the biggest annual economy of all states, bigger than quite a few independent countries. LA is to Hollywood what Mumbai is to Bollywood. New York is not far behind in terms of cultural precedence. Though much smaller in size than its Western counterparts, it is the hub of all things pop culture – fashion, music, literature, Broadway. Washington DC, the state capital, houses all government structures, plural as well as singular. While Chicago and Boston both have the best universities on their roster.

Harvard, a name synonymous with excellence in the realms of history, is the world’s best university, each year accepting a miniscule iota of the applications it receives. MIT, Stanford, CalTech, Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, Cornell etc. stray not far behind in terms of profile. The best part of studying here is that even beyond the ivies, colleges such as UIUC, Boston Uni, Michigan Ann Arbor, Purdue, Pennsylvania Uni exist each of which is highly ranked and recognized by employers all over. Almost all the tier 1 and some tier 2 colleges in USA can easily rank above the best IITs and IIMs we have on offer in India. Getting a degree here can function as the Launchpad for your dream career in a dream company.

Diversity exists in USA not only in its population but also in its resources and opportunities for recreation. From the Yosemite National Park and great lakes in the North to The Grand Canyon National Park in the South, the country is covered in a variety of landscapes that can match the imagination of any student. The miles and miles of coastlines are simply compounded by the watersports, surfing, diving, and exploring activities on offer. The Nevada desert is lit up by the antics of Las Vegas, the gambling hub of the world, perfect for a night of debauchery with friends. Miami in Florida has beautiful beaches littered with golden sand and crystal clear water. Students can also relive their childhood in the amazing mazes of Disneyworld and Universal Studios in Orlando. While New York has more to offer to offer to even the most refined palates than whole countries out there. And we’re yet to even mention the sports industry. Basketball, American Football, Hockey, Baseball, and Soccer are major league games here where stars are made and faded. Every student in the States must at least experience the energy and deafening din in a sports stadium in USA as local fans cheer their hearts out for their favorite teams.

What more does a student need? Imagination, innovation, and inspiration abound in the very air of this country. If you need more help with applying to this magnificent nation, then arrange an appointment with the nearest study abroad consultant in Jaipur today.

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