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UK Visa 2020- HS Priti Patel Proposed UK Point Based Immigration System | Australia-style | UK PR

UK Visa 2020- HS Priti Patel Proposed UK Point Based Immigration System | Australia-style | UK PR

The points –based visa system is the main immigration route to come to the United Kingdom for working, studying, investing or to get training. It separates applicants in to 5 tiers. To become eligible for visa in any of the 5 –tiers you must pass a point base assessment.

Types of UK Visa 2020:

Tier-1 – highly skilled entrepreneurs, investors, skilled students outside EEA

Tier-2 – skilled workers, professional sports players

Tier-3 – low skilled workers, temp. Labor shortage

Tier-4 – students outside EEA

Tier -5 – temporary workers, including creative and sporting individuals, Charity and religious           workers

Tier 4 visa is mainly for students, for this students need to score minimum 40 points (30 points for confirmation of acceptance by the university + 10 points for showing maintenance funds)

United Kingdom newly elected Prime Minister Boris Johnson proposed a new immigration policy which is completely based on Australian PBS (Point Based System) This system significantly benefits the students, workers and the one seeking residency in the United Kingdom.  Especially for the Asian Countries. Extend 2-year UK study visa 2020 to all international students.

Need of new immigration system in the United Kingdom.

As we know that UK is getting separated from European Union and now have a Brexit support at PM as well. During his political campaign he announced to implement post Brexit immigration policy based on the Australian based point system. Current immigration system allows employers to decide whether someone is qualified for the job or not but in Australia Point Based Immigration System Candidates are selected according to their skills, educational and professional background. The system in Australia also decentralized which means different states can try to attract migrants based on their skills. Depending on the shortage of labour in certain areas of the country.

United Kingdom’s first point-based system was launched in February 2008 by the Labour government. For people who want to come to UK for immigration the points-based visa system is the main route. . Along with English language proficiency, educational qualifications and work experience are some of the other factors that are likely to be at the heart of a new immigration system at the end of Freedom of Movement rules, which currently apply as part of the UK’s membership of the European Union (EU).

The British public have been clear that they want an immigration system that takes back control of their borders while welcoming aspirational and hard-working people to enhance the UK’s dynamic labour market and diverse society. The government is working on making that a reality.

The UK subjects only non-EU citizens to its points-based system. The government could cut their numbers virtually to zero if they wanted: the fact is that non-EU migration reached the highest levels on record under Conservative governments.

In the latest net migration figures, the Office for National Statistics confirms that not only is there a points-based system in operation but also that non-EU citizens coming to Britain through this system increased by 11 per cent over last year – “the highest level since the new system was introduced” in 2008.

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