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How to Get 🇬🇧UK Study Visa from India

How to Get 🇬🇧UK Study Visa from India

This article is a brief discussion about how one can apply for the UK study visa, and several related points for taking this visa to study in UK are also discussed over here.

Study in UK

This country is considered the world’s leading country in the field of education. There are several educational fields for which the UK is famous, and they are – business and management, art, designing, engineering, finance, and law. This place acts as a magnet to the world for their legacy and reputation. With the most renowned education system of the world, this plays serves as a huge contributor to the global education system.

UK Study Visa

This place attracts nearly 600,000 students from all around the globe and providing them with a huge variety of courses. The degrees are combined with other courses so that the interests of the students can also be persuaded easily.

How to Get a UK Student Visa

The visa department for the UK is dealt with by the Visas and Immigration department. If the visa to study in UK is required for a short period and the age is more than 18 years, than it makes one eligible for taking visas for short term studies. This lasts for nearly about 11 months.

UK Student Life 2019

The life of the student in the UK is completely varied from the life of other places. The nightlife is a huge attraction for the students living in the UK. The students over there live a very chill and free life. They enjoy their lives there in a distinct way.

Oxford and Cambridge are considered as the oldest universities in the country. The UK student life over there is completely different from other places. These are very historical towns. These places are very quiet and peaceful, and there is no much essence of nightlife over these laces.

Study in UK for Indians versus Study in Canada

Both countries offer the best universities among-st the world. In UK Cambridge and Oxford while the Toronto and British Columbia universities are in Canada. Both places offer an impressive and diversified experience. After studies the job opportunities are also available in both countries. Canada in more preferable if one is planning to study and work over there permanently. UK does not easily allow for permanent residence. In terms of study the education provided by both the nations is commendable, but the preference is given to Canada if one is planning to work over there after completion of his/ her studies.

UK Tier 4 Visa

This visa is further categorized into two types-

General Tier 4

The age requirement is at least 16 years and is provided for the higher education of the student.

Child Tier 4

This is given for the students who need to pursue their education between the ages of 4 to 15 years.

Study in UK for Indians Cost

The fee that is to be paid for taking a Tier 4 student visa fees that are to be paid is £348. This payment can be made through different modes of payment. Few of the methods are stated below-

  • Cash payment
  • Payment via demand draft
  • Payment made through the online process using a card

Along with this fee, a surcharge health amount is also to be paid by the student per year. That amount is equivalent to £150 each year.

UK Study Visa 2019-2020 Documents Required

There are several documents that one needs to carry while going for a UK study visa 2020. The following documents shall be carried:

  • A complete form of Visa application
  • An acceptance letter
  • Proof of funds

UK Study Visa Process

The below given is the process for the visa that how a person can apply for a visa for the UK. The below given are the well-defined process, and these steps had to be followed for getting the UK study visa processing time:

  • Check if you are qualified for the visa.
  • Complete documentation
  • Make an online application.
  • The fees have to be paid for the visa
  • Take the appointment for the visa
  • To visit the department office as on the date of appointment.

This UK study visa process 2020 is needed to be followed by a person who is applying for the visa. After this process is completed an interview is organized for the person and the issue of visa depends upon the answers of the candidate.

Study in UK After 10th

For this, the students need to apply for the Tier 4 student visa. This is the visa that is applied by the students for pursuing their higher education study in UK after 10th. Several options are available to the students for pursuing their higher study in UK. This visa can be applied as soon as the person attains the age of 16 years.

UK Study Visa New Rules 2019-2020

UK Study Visa New Rules 2019-2020

The UK study visa new rules 2019 will make it easy for the students of the whole world to go to the study in UK there for the upcoming two years. The UK study visa 2019 can be extended up to the period of the next two years. Presently the visa has been given for four months by universities, and the 27 universities on the scheme of pilot get the UK student visa for six months.

The rules of issuing a UK student visa are changed by the government from time to time as per the needs and the requirements.

Student Visa Interview Question

The majority of the questions asked are based upon the institution that you have chosen, the

Best course to Study in UK that has been applied for, and the way by which you would be managing your funds for paying the fees. The application of the visa can be refused if the person has not given reasonable answers or if they were not present at the location at the time of the interview.

The UK Student Visa Interview Question can be asked related to-

  • The institution that you have chosen
  • From where funds would be managed
  • Reasons behind studying in the UK
  • How will you manage
  • Plans after completing your studies.

All these questions should be answered reasonably by the students, and the visa issues will be dependent upon the answers given to the students. If the officer does not find the answers relevant, then they could refuse the application of visa, and hence no visa would be issued.

Best Course to Study in UK

Being such a renowned place for education, there are several degrees that the country offers to the students studying over there. Numerous courses are available in the country, depending upon the caliber and the choice of the students. Few of the best course to Study in UK are given below-

  • Natural Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Business
  • Law
  • Social science
  • Sports
  • Arts
  • Hospitality
  • Media

There are numerous items included in this list, and other than this, there are many several degrees which the country provides.

UK Study Visa without IELTS 2019-2020

UK Study Visa without IELTS

The most required thing that one needs to show to the universities is their skills and their command over the English language. There is a test name IELTS which is conducted to taken admission to universities, but it is also possible to take admission without giving IELTS.

Several universities give admission without IELTS. They are- the University of Geneva, University of Boston, Swansea University, and many more. The IELTS exam is not required by these universities, but certain other criteria are given by these universities for taking a check over the English and the skills of the student who is willing t take admission to the university.

Scholarship to Study in UK

There are thousands and thousands of scholarships that the universities in the UK are providing. These are majorly provided to international students so that they can have their education in the low budget, and these scholarship to study in UK help them throughout.

There is a lot of patience and research required for finding the scholarships and applying for the chosen Scholarship to Study in UK if fulfilling the criteria of eligibility.

Scholarships for Indians Students to Study in UK

There are a variety of scholarships for Indian students to Study in UK, but the requirement is that application for these shall be submitted early. There are numerous options with which the scholarships can be offered to the students, such as including for partial payments of the fees or any other depending as per the institute’s guidelines.

Criteria for applying for scholarships

The score of academics should be good enough. The chosen destination is another factor that should be kept in mind. The criteria can be based even upon the extra-curricular activities and other advantageous activities.

Study in UK for free

Study in UK for free

This is nearly impossible for international students to Study in UK for free. This is possible that the study can be carried out in a very; low budget due to the scholarships that are available in the country.

The scholarships can be provided to the international students by both the universities as well as by the government of the country.

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