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UK Student Visa Requirements 2020

UK Student Visa Requirements 2020

In order to study in UK 2020, the most important criteria is understanding the UK student visa requirements. As an international student, in order to pursue a course in UK, it is essential to obtain visa and acquire stay in country.

UK Student Visa Requirements

Students can apply for the visa up to three months from the start date of the course. You need to check the average processing time for your country in order to make way for ample time. The students visas are awarded on the basis of points based system. Interested applicants can meet all UK student visa requirements by providing the following:

  • Passport details
  • Recent photograph
  • Offer letter of a college of University for a course which is offered by a licensed Tier 4 Sponsor
  • Proof that states adequate English language skills and passing English language tests. This is not required for students of English speaking country such as United States or completed equivalent UK degree in an English speaking country. There are opportunities to avail IELTS preparation in Jaipur and ace your English language and test skills.
  • A proof which shows that you can avail financial support throughout your entire stay in UK (This proof can be shown with the help of bank statements or with the aid of a letter from financial sponsor that reflects your ability cover the tuition fees, accommodation and cost of living).

UK Study Visa New Rules and Requirements

There have been three major updates beneficial for the year 2020. If you are applying for student’s visa for January or September 2020, the updates that have come across are of major consideration. These major changes need to be comprehended well in order to revise the application procedure and ensure smooth visa application. Let us look at the latest updates of UK student visa process:

  • Verification of academic documents

Universities in UK student visa process have started a rigorous checking and verification process that involves thorough scrutiny of various academic documents submitted by the students such as letter of recommendation. Each document submitted needs to be authentic and original. This is because if any document found fake, the admission process will get stop right there. No false document are been entertained. Additionally, the refund of college of University fee would not be possible by the authorities, further contributing to not issuing visa letter forward. Hence, it is a must for you to verify your documents well before sending them for further verification.

  • Display FDR in the show money

This is one among other UK student visa new rules 2020 where you can show FDRs’ inside maintenance or show money. The ready to dispose money in an FD account that is 28-30 days old needs to be shown. The account most importantly needs to be a month old and not created yesterday. This money can be utilized for signifying show money or funds.

  • UK study Visa interviews

This is another update that has come off late, and an extremely significant one. Calls for UK study visa interview have started pouring in. For those taking up the application procedure, 2-3% of the population are getting visa interview calls already. If you are waiting tirelessly for UK visa interview calls, this is the time to apply as the few of the applicants are getting it. It is essential for students to do a detailed study about the interviews regarding UK visa in order prepare themselves for the best.


The new rules and updates need to be considered seriously in order to acquire a smoother and faster visa application process.

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