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Benefits of the win of Conservative Party for Students

Benefits of the win of Conservative Party for Students

UK intake 2020 marks the advent of a lot of opportunities related to the education sector and immigration. Things are going to change for UK visa with education sector witnessing a lot of changes. With the Labour Party being in the rule since a long time now, the party had been hostile to immigration making way for unskilled UK citizens. This lessened the possibility of the skilled individuals from outside the world to come and be a part of the country.

However, things are going to change now. With the comeback of Boris Johnson and Conservative Party, the party is seeking to welcome skilled immigrants to come and settle in UK, instead of unskilled citizens. The leader of the Conservative Party, Boris Johnson is of the belief that skilled individuals should have a chance to work in UK and improve the economic condition of the country. Without welcoming skilled people from outside nation for UK intake 2020, UK would not prosper in the manner it should.

Opening Opportunities for UK Intake 2020

The win of the party has given way to several benefits, and PSW study visa and points based immigration system is among the most prominent ones. Similar to Australia, UK is going to adopt the immigration system in order to attract the crème of the world to its country.

Benefits of PSW Visa for UK Intake 2020

The comeback of this visa will make way for the eligible students to work and lookout for work for a period of two year post completion of Masters Course. This is one of the latest announcements that were widely welcomed by the University chiefs benefitting the Indian students who are waiting for UK visa choices depending upon the gain of work experience post attainment of the degree.

Benefit of Points Based Immigration System for UK Intake 2020

UK ranks as the first as the hub of international student satisfaction, however the attractive Points based immigration system will open up better opportunities for the talented graduates from across the world. This route was closed in the year 2012 while the Labour Party was in control. The new rules state that the UK government will offer new route and offer UK intake 2020 for credible and genuine students. Boris Johnson, Leader of the Conservative Party added that economic development would not be possible without welcoming the brightest students from all over the world to study in the UK.

Contact for Queries Regarding UK Intake 2020

Most of the Universities in UK have stopped the intake for the month of January, and started with the intakes for the month of March to April, offering varied courses along with placement opportunities. So if any of the students wish to study in UK 2020, they are free to get in touch at application01@meriddean.org with their queries and documents. Depending upon the documents and queries, the students will be responded with a suitable course and University. The documents will be scrutinized in order to find out the kind of course that will be ideal for the student.

As a result of these changes in the country, a lot of interview calls are being scheduled of the students in India. About 5-7% of students have already been issued UK study visa. Further, students are required to appear for credibility interview at the Embassy.


The updates of 2020 have certainly created a sea change in the education system by benefitting students from all over the world with increased UK intake 2020.