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Tips for UK Visa Interview Process

Tips for UK Visa Interview Process

Going forward with UK visa interviews can be extremely nerve wrecking, and especially if you are doing so for the very first time. However, there is not much to worry if you have followed all guidelines well. Based upon the interview, the UK embassy decided the approval of your study visa.

Constituents of UK Visa interview tips:

Here are a few UK interview tips that you need to follow:

  • Firstly, it is vital to arrive before the schedule time
  • Wear formal clothes and do not forget to smile
  • Be confident and answer honestly

Types of UK Visa interview questions:

In addition to these tips, let us have a look at the UK interview questions asked during the interview and the ways in which you can respond.

  • Why do you want to go to the UK?

This is a very popular question asked during UK study visa interview. You can answer stating that the course you are applying for is not available in your home country.

  • How did you find this university?

To this question, you can answer that you have found the University from internet or from any consultancy.

  • Why have you chosen this university?

To being asked this question during UK Visa process, you can answer the kind of academic advantages the University offers that blend seamlessly with your academic goals. Additionally, if you have any letter of recommendation from a professor, do not forget to mention that.

  • Why have you chosen this program?

You can mention 5 relevancies regarding your studies along with the goals you have set in your career.

  • How are you financially supporting for your program?

Firstly, if your parents are supporting, you need to state valid documents showcasing their support. On the contrary, if you are taking up a loan, you need to display proper educational loan documents. Lastly, if you are supporting your own finances, you need to offer a detailed explanation regarding your savings.

  • What are your plans after graduation?

This is when you need to have a long drawn goal post your graduation. When asked this question during UK study visa interview, mention whatever plans you have set. If you wish to come back to your home country and start a business, you can do so. On the other hand, if you have some other plans, make sure you explain it thoroughly to the interviewer.

Students might also be asked regarding their course details which make it important for the applicants to be thoroughly informed about it. Make sure you study the course modules, the syllabus and its constituents well to answer this question with ease.

Enrol in IELTS Pune for UK Visa Interview questions

In addition to the above mentioned UK interview questions and answers, students might also be asked about their IELTS score. You can avail IELTS coaching in Pune to achieve a considerable effective score online. If the score is good, there is no reason to worry. On the contrary, if the scores are weak, you might be asked about the ways in which you plan to cope with the studies in the UK. Hence, you need to be prepared with your answers pertaining to these questions.

Essentials of UK Study Visa 2020 for UK Visa Interview

Immigration officers are largely interested to know whether you are a genuine student or not and the ways in which you can run your costs financially. There is no additional need to feel pressurized while answering the above. Maintain honestly while answering and you no longer will encounter any problem during the application process.


The UK visa interview application tips are necessary to be followed in order to ace your interview and avail the application.

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