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The very idea of studying abroad can seem almost romantic to many people. While yet other refuse to even entertain the thought of leaving their homeland. It is a perplexing conundrum. But if you are confused between the two choices – study in India or study abroad – this article will help sort out your doubts. Studying abroad is a monumental decision, both culturally and economically. Leaving the confines of India, a country rooted in its ancient traditions and values and leaving shore to study in an unknown land can scare many people. Investing a lot of money into the process might also discourage you. But isn’t it rightly said, only those succeed who move beyond their comfort zone? So pack your bags and get ready for your journey because studying abroad might just be the best decision you make for your career.

How does studying abroad change you and your mindsets? How does it alter your personality? How does it make you more proactive? Most importantly, how does it improve your employment opportunities? Read on to find out.


Going towards the western side of the globe can introduce you to a brand new culture in stark difference to the tenets of Hinduism and Indian traditions. Instead of being scared of this change, you should embrace it wholeheartedly. Imagine whole new world of possibilities where you are no longer tied down. You will find yourself interacting with several new cultures from every corner of the earth. You can learn a new language, adopt new customs, and grow as a person. The cultural immersion that you will experience will surely boost your career in the right direction.


IN India, we are accustomed to our mother’s cooking food for us. Most of us have maids who help clean the house. Imagine going to a country where none of this is possible. The personal grooming and growth curve will be immense. You will have to rethink your ideals and chalk out new plans. You will have to learn how tackle small issues such as cooking and travelling on your own. This will make you ferociously independent and teach you to lead life fearlessly. When living with a group of strangers you will learn how to cohabitate and adjust to all kinds of conditions. This soft skill will be a huge plus point on your resume.


Right now, each one of us is accustomed to running back to our parents whenever we face a problem. They are supposed to be our saviors from the trouble and strife of the real world. But what if for a change, you were to tackle your problems on your own. For a change, you don’t chase your parents asking for pocket money or the car keys. This is exactly what studying abroad offers you. The chance to solve your problems creatively, on your own. Create experiences that you will cherish for a lifetime. If you need extra pocket money, you can start working part time. If you want to eat Indian food, you can learn how to cook it on your own. Surely, this problem solving attitude is on the top of every recruiter’s list.


Each one of us dreams of working in a Multi-National Company or of a running a global business. But do we have it in us to chase those lofty ambitions? Study abroad can prepare us to face global issues by forcing us to adapt to a foreign culture. The world is only growing smaller, owing to technological advancements. We need to learn how to be global citizens, people who are not bogged down by physical and mental boundaries. Studying abroad can make us more aware of global happenings and enable us to utilize the various resources available. It also makes us more empathetic to global catastrophes and tragedies. After all, only a philanthropic person can truly realize his potential.


Humans have been nomads since times immemorial. That essence has yet to leave us. We are all drawn towards the mystery of unknown lands. Instead of simply going for a few days, isn’t it better to completely immerse yourself in the new land for multiple months? You can cover every aspect of the country, from the well-known tourist spots to the obscure, untouched hidden gems. Some countries such as USA offer a plethora of experiences, each one better than the next. By studying abroad, you can let go off all your inhibitions and embrace the new country.


This is the ultimate goal of every student – a fabulous, well -paying job that respects their skills and abilities. A worldwide accepted degree in a world renowned college is the first step in that direction. Study abroad will bolster your resume and make you stand out among your peers. Apart from a strong degree, study abroad gives you real life experience. It teaches you several necessary soft skills that recruiters seek. The ability to work in a team, to adjust, to solve issues without seeking remedy, and to multitask are just a few examples.

So without any more delay, contact our counselors to learn more about how study abroad is the right choice.

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