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Fall in number of Indian Student going to Study in UK

Fall in number of Indian Student going to Study in UK

Why Number of Indian Students going to the Study in UK is unceasingly falling in last 5 years.


The Study in UK is an amazing destination for Indian or any International student to study. However, we have seen a continuous downfall in number of International coming to the UK to study.  This is due to restrictive visa policy by UKBA.

Earlier, a student was given a chance to work in the UK after completing their degree. This little extra time was helping students to earn some portion of what they have invested in world’s most expensive universities. Since 2011, UKBA strictness on visa rules has put the students in real bad situations.


No, UK is not a great destination for International students compared to Australia, New Zealand or the USA. Degrees from British universities will not get you jobs if you are an international student studying in the UK. The chances of securing a job are almost zero percent if you do not come under the label of High-Skilled Labor in the UK.  Furthermore, even if you are highly skilled your chances of getting a job are not more than 20% in the UK.

Living expenses in the UK are very high compared to other countries on globe. On average an International student has to spend $2500 per month living in London. This high budget will not allow him more than a studio flat.

After Brexit, it does not seems a wise decision for International students to study in the UK. International students will not feel welcomed in the UK. It is not a great destination for International students anymore.

Earlier you could not have predicted the English weather and woman and we would like to add VISA policies to that.


However, If a student wants to do his degree in British country and come back to his own country then the UK is still a good option for him to study at.


Tier 4 student visa requirements to study in the UK

  • IELTS 
  • Enough funds for living expenses
  • Academics

Indian Students can also do medical courses or MBBS from the UK. We offer many pathway courses to do MBBS in UK.  Our IELTS coaching Jaipur produces the largest number of successful results

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