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Study Abroad: Good News for International Students

Study Abroad: Good News for International Students

This news has benefitted a lot of sectors, and especially immigration sector. Students all over the world can highly benefit with this win. Let us look at some of the benefits the news can have over the education system:

Changes in UK Visa Scenario

The news entails the introduction of points based immigration system which is a lot similar to that of Australia. Similar to the latter country, UK will now accept skilled people more than unskilled. The country does not oppose immigration, rather welcomes it to fit in skilled people in the country. Boris Johnson believes that if he could welcome 2 skilled people instead of 10 unskilled people that would make a lot of difference for the country, thus signalling acceptance of UK visa.

Points Based Immigration System Benefitting UK Study Visa 2020

Points based immigration system supports welcoming skilled people in the country which can be a turning point for a lot of individuals worldwide who intend to go to UK and settle over there.  It will stop unskilled migration, thus enabling only skilled migration, great news for UK study intakes.

Comeback of PSW Benefitting UK Student Visa 2020

Another benefit will be the comeback of PSW, post study work permit where students will be able to work for a period of two years post the completion of post graduate studies. It was designed to enable the students to gain a proper work experience before their return to the country and open opportunities to study in UK 2020. The system will be completely based on the system introduced initially in Australia. Applicants would no longer be required to nominate skilled occupation in the occupation list or even need to complete the assessment.

Conservative Party’s Strong Support to Welcoming Immigrants

Conservative party will be thriving in position for the next five years. The party has always supported immigrants and opted for easy visa rules. When the party was last seen being on power in 2009, a lot of visas were accepted with students travelling to UK student visa for studies. However, the advent of the Labour Party stopped immigration and PSW. However, PSW has made a comeback now along with the advent of Points based Immigration system.

Best Time to Apply for UK Study Visa

If you are looking out to study abroad, UK should be the first and foremost priority due to the benefits it is set to offer to its students. A lot of visas are being approved with and without IELTS Jaipur. For those appearing without IELTS, you need to appear for a credibility interview at the embassy.

How to Prepare for UK Visa?

Preparation for UK visa can seem quite difficult, however not anymore. With Meridean Overseas, the entire preparation journey will be a smooth one. UK intake 2020 has started already, and so should your preparation. Partake in coaching process to avail a deeper understanding of the kind of questions asked in the interview process. This will help students gain confidence on them and crack each interview with sheer brilliance. Without proper coaching, students will often fail in delivering the right answer and instead get deported from the airport for a period of 10 years, failing to apply anymore in countries including Australia, UK and New Zealand.


The win of Conservative party proves to be a boon for students intending to study and work in UK and attain UK visa. With the advent of Points based immigration system and PSW visa, students are thrilled and motivated to get through the process faster and easier.

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