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India and China continue to be the top feeder countries for study abroad destination in countries such as USA, UK, Australia, Germany, and New Zealand. Every year millions of students decide to undertake the perilous voyage abroad due to various reasons.


Overseas Education Consultants in Lucknow

The most common reasons include heavy competition, few good colleges with even fewer seats, reservation, corruption, lack of infrastructure, deplorable employment scenario, and extensive red tape bureaucracy. India performs poorly when compared to other countries in terms of higher education systems. Indian colleges are plagued with a stale pedagogy that has failed to produce the transformative graduates initially envisioned. Rote learning and rampant cheating scandals further mar the credibility of our education. How does one place faith in such a mechanism that can barely provide any value? Moreover, the few colleges that have an international standing are overloaded and yet can’t provide enough seats for everyone. The undercurrent of despair that currently pervades the mindset of Indian students is motivation enough to push priorities further west. According to many studies abroad consultants in Lucknow, the number of students going abroad for their studies is increasing rapidly.

Another reason for this burgeoning growth in numbers is the conservative mindset of Indian society. For years, parents have stuck to the foolproof formula of compelling their kids to either be doctors or engineers. Commerce and Arts streams were looked down upon and treated like dirt. This led to a monumental increase in the quality and quantity of technical institutes and medical colleges. Even without proper resources, several colleges popped up across the Indian map that tried to woo students with fake promises of jobs and financial security. This utopian bubble burst within a few years when companies realized that students from below-par colleges were not adequately trained for technical jobs. They stopped hiring from these colleges which caused an insane drop in placement statistics. These colleges had neither good faculty nor labs capable enough of imparting education. Moreover, the development of Arts and Commerce colleges had curbed. Students had no other option to invest in a better future abroad. Top Overseas education consultants in Lucknow have guided thousands of students abroad towards their ambitions and goals.

But how does one choose universities abroad? There are so many countries, cities, and universities to choose from leaving students flabbergasted and gasping for help. MOEC have provided the perfect solution. They have experienced counselors manning their desks who guide students through the entire process of applying abroad. They help aspirants select the country which is most suitable for their ambitions. Based on their preferences about staying back, visas, jobs, and costs, a country is chosen. After which universities in that particular country are filtered according to the academic background and needs of the student. For instance, students can choose between rural and urban campuses, large and small student populations, rankings, availability, of course, recreational activities, accessibility, internship opportunities, and part-time jobs. It is not an easy process and requires a lot of time and patience. After all, applying to the wrong college might stall the future prospects of the student.

Once all this is done, the student has to go through the entire application process which must be flawless. No mistakes can be afforded as universities are very strict about whom they admit. They want only the most suitable fits, hence, the application must be filled carefully. A holistic approach must be adopted. Essays must be top notch and reflective of your knowledge. The Statement of Purpose should get across your story without sounding self-absorbed. The Letters of Recommendation from the teachers should be unequivocal about your achievements and strengths while accepting your weaknesses. Such a complicated process can drain out a student. Hence, taking the help of overseas education consultants in Lucknow is necessary. They have experts to guide you through the SOP and LOR writing. And they can also fill out your application for you lest you make errors.

Once you have sent forth your application and have received your offer letter, it is time to pay the fees. Many consultancies also help arrange finances like loans, grants, and scholarships. Education abroad is expensive and landing a scholarship is a luxury. So focus on writing excellent essays to maximize your chances of getting a scholarship. The last but most important step is visa processing. Many students falter at this final step because they try and do it alone. Student visa consultants in Lucknow should be the go-to option in this case.  Filing for a visa, especially to western countries, involves many steps and complications which cannot be overlooked. Financial documents must be in order, the form must be filled correctly, passports must be up to date, and credentials must be spotless. Taking help from an expert can help get through the visa process without any hurdles. The interview can be daunting if you are unprepared. Undergo mock interviews to increase confidence to maximize your chances of approval.

Once you have booked the flight tickets and are ready to go, the consultancy firm steps in and helps you get acquainted with the culture there. A preparation seminar is held to talk and discuss the various facets of living abroad. The mannerisms, culture, traditions, food, expenses, jobs, travel, and networking are some of the aspects that are discussed. Going abroad should not be a struggle. It is a journey of self-growth, awareness, and recognition that will provide a Launchpad for the students’ careers. If you are still at crossroads about whether going abroad is the right choice for you, then rest assured. Millions like you go through the same process and yield results that are beyond amazing. If you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and reach out to the stars, it is time to study abroad!

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