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Recent development on UK Student Visa

Recent development on UK Student Visa

Immigration is quite a sincere procedure and needs to be performed with care. It involves a lot of preparation, research and training in order to make sure that your precious time and energy is not wasted.

Recent developments on UK student visa process

If studying in UK has been a dream for you, this article is just the appropriate one that needs your attention. There has been a recent development in the regulation visa acceptance in UK. There are a few issues that are been faced by students during their UK student visa interview. One of the major developments has been skype interview where students are been interviewed every now and then on skype. Recent reports state that about 5 to 10% students have started receiving video calls on skype.

Common questions for UK student visa process

The video calls for UK student visa involve asking very basic questions regarding your travel to UK. Some of the common questions are as following:

  • Why do you want to go to UK?
  • What course do you want to study in UK?
  • Why only UK and not any other country?
  • Why only this college, and not any other?
  • How do you intend to support yourself financially?

In relation to these questions, you also need to show various other documents supporting the answers related to your study in UK. For example, if you state that your father will support you financially, then you would need to show the supporting documents of your father’s income and henceforth.

Result of failed UK student visa interview

On the contrary, it has been seen that students are failing to crack the interview, as a result of which the students are being deported. Additionally, it is also been seen that the students who are not getting skype calls are randomly being interviewed at the airport. The questions for study in UK 2020 however remain the same. On being unable to answer the questions, the students are being deported back to their country.

This rule is applicable for students failing interview at the airport during applying for UK student visa. Moreover, a ban of 10 years is being levied on them where they would not be able to apply in colleges in countries including UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. This is majorly taking place for applications related to London based colleges. Proper preparation needs to be done from IELTS coaching in Pune to ensure a smooth visa application procedure.

Another significant update for visa process

University is not accepting students from Punjab and Haryana because these students are found either not paying fees or not attending classes. As a result of which, students of these states are suffering from availing visa in UK. In order to avail UK student visa, students can get in touch with the offices of IELTS coaching at Jaipur, Lucknow and Pune. The students will be offered proper guidance through the process.

IELTS coaching in Pune will help you prepare

Preparation should be done accordingly in order to ace the interview with best zeal and empowerment. A basic research on the questions needs to be done in order to ensure that each question is answered properly. Without proper research and preparation, students will not be able to perform the interview well. The preparation needs to be done well from IELTS Pune that offers professional guidance in preparation of the same. Skilled professionals guide the students through their learning process in UK.