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Random interviews held at Heathrow Airport deports Indian students

Random interviews held at Heathrow Airport deports Indian students

Students going for studies in UK are being randomly interviewed at Heathrow airport on arrival. Reports state that a total of twenty Indian students are deported each year due to failed attempts at interview. The dream of America shattered with several Indians who returned home broke after being deported.

This news has been very shocking towards all students and parents who have struggled hard to be selected at the prestigious universities of United Kingdom. A wide array of universities have accepted a lot of international students as a part of their institution and given offer letter.

As they stepped outside the airport, they appeared very depressed. Some said that they felt extremely dejected as they could not realize the dream even after reaching so close. Students will get a ban of ten years once the passport gets the stamp of being deported. The responsibility is of the student and hence the preparation needs to be made accordingly.

Following paper work with immigration department, deportees have started coming out of the airport. The deported Indians have either violated the visa norms or not been able to crack the interview during immigration procedure. Reports suggest that more than 20 students have failed to achieve their dream of studying in America in the last one year.

Parents have been seen being very upset about the whole process and has expressed their concern for admitting students in a coaching centre. Students have been seen urging the request to get into these centres to avail maximum benefits out of the learning experience.

The government withdrew plenty visas from non-EU citizens after the interviews were not given well. A guidance of the interview process helps in acing the process better. Relevant questions are asked regarding the stay at UK. Alternative questions should also be thought upon in order to be prepared with the best answers.

Professional guidance is required in order to get a better understanding of the interview skills. The random interviews are extremely shocking and it is posing a fear in the minds of students. A ten years ban is a lot of time which can eventually crush the dreams and cause a stagnant period in the student’s life. This has created the need for us to avail the guidance of professional coaching centre to learn the distinct essentials of the interview’, as said by Dr, Ramakrishan, a parent of student trying for UK universities.

There is no substitute for hard work and preparation. Coaching centres target to prepare the students professionally and offers optimum homework to ensure that the answers are well studies. The answers are given in a manner that the queries of the questions asked are properly answered. Instead of being unprepared and risking the immigration process, the coaching centres aim to impart learning to the students the required materials needed for successful immigration.

With an aim to view no students being deported next time, the coaching centres aim to impart world class training and learning to their students. It is always better to be safe than sorry.