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Points Based Immigration System- What it is and how can it help?

Points Based Immigration System- What it is and how can it help?

Style points based immigration system for UK permanent residence for Indian citizens is in the news again helping select skilled migrant workers. Prime Minister of UK, Boris Johnson introduces points based immigration system to attract skilled foreign workers. He is a believer of aligned talented people moving in the country to foster development, however believes that the system requires some mode of control. Know all about the UK permanent residence for Indian citizens.

What is a Style Points Based System for UK permanent residence for Indian Citizens?

A points system is the process of selecting labour migrants depending upon few characteristics. The system is beneficial for selecting migrants for several economic purposes instead of family migrants of international students. The outlines are relatively simple where would-be UK permanent residence for Indian immigrant are awarded points based on the following criteria:

  • Age
  • Educational Qualifications
  • English Language skills
  • Work experience
  • Occupation

Instances of the Immigration System for the UK permanent residence for Indians

The best known examples of this system cater to Australia, Canada and New Zealand. It can be designed in a number of ways and are marked by three distinct features:

  • Applicants are offered points for several characteristics and these scores are beneficial for deciding whether they can migrate or not.
  • The system is a flexible one where an individual having less language proficiency can make up for it with skilled work experience.
  • People planning to migrate to attain employment can be provided a visa without a job offer in hand.

The process for UK permanent residence for Indian citizens talks about prioritising applicants for several jobs that based on a number of characteristics. Such characteristics include language skills, education and work experience. The system invites candidates scoring highest points based on the characteristics and submit the visa.

Role of the Migration Advisory Committee for the UK permanent residence for Indians

Individuals passing a threshold on the points are granted visa to move in to United Kingdom. Voters are well impressed of the idea of testing qualifications and language. Migration Advisory Committee in UK will take care of the movement based on the criteria listed. Boris Johnson is confident that the process will control migration to a definite level with democratically controlled movement.

He stresses highly on the benefits of migration, however at the same time also believes that the immigration system needs to change. He is aware of the fact that the citizens of UK are not hostile to immigration; rather want a democratically controlled form of movement. He opposes the idea of Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Labour Party (UK) who believes in complete free movement of immigration. This process in no way will off a control on the immigration, rather increase it.

This is a long held commitment that dates back to EU referendum campaign where campaigners wanted to introduce Australian immigration model and analyze how it worked for UK. The campaigners wanted an end of the complete free movement within EU.

What are the advantages of this system of UK permanent residence for Indians?

  1. The system will help implement restrictive points system which admits relatively few people as seen in the Australian model. By offering a controlled and restrictive form of movement, it can help in controlling the numbers with an aim of them going down.
  2. It will help recognize the skilled workers based on their practical knowledge and offer visa for work.
  3. It will help UK to meet its economical needs by offering visa to skilled able professionals who has the ability to contribute to it.
  4. Workers here are less dependent on the employers where they do not require permission for switching between jobs


In summary, the impacts of this system aim to bring a change in the immigration scenario by implementing a democratically controlled form of movement. The effect can be seen only when they have designed and implemented in its true sense to bring a change in the immigration system.

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