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Why Indian student is moving abroad for education?

Overseas Education Consultants in Pune – In recent years, Indian students are moving to many education destinations across the globe. Students are mainly looking for quality of education and different cultural experiences. In this case, there are various options for students and each has its pro’s and con’s, Below we would be giving a brief of Top education destinations for Indian students. 
1. U.K
Since decades Indian students are getting an education from British universities and learning the English culture and understand the world in a better way. The quality of education is really good with high ranking world universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, LSE etc. however, recently there is a decrease in the number of students going to U.K due to their change in visa policies. U.K. is not issuing any post-study work permits for students and becomes difficult for students to get work experience along with their educational experiences.  Overseas Education Consultants in Pune
2. Australia
Australia with its group 8 universities is ranked as a top destination to get your degree from. Australian universities are globally recognized and have an amazing reputation in the world. The main reason behind an increase in demand for Australian institutions is their quality of education along with its soft visa policies on post-study work permits. Students are moving to study overseas and Australia has become one of the top 5 countries to study abroad. 

Best Overseas Education Consultants in Pune

3. Canada
Due to Canada’s quality of life and reputation of institutions its now became top destinations for students to study overseas. Canadian institutions have the lowest tuition fees among all English speaking countries. Canada also offers two different work permit options, first, it offers one + one and second it offers one + three so if student studies in Canada for one year she gets a one-year work permit and if student studies for two years in Canada she gets two years work permit. Overseas Education Consultants in Pune
4. New Zealand
NewZealand has eight universities and various private and public institutions for students. NewZealand has very soft visa policies for overseas students and offers three years of post-study work permit. The education institutions offer low tuition fees and it starts around 14000 NZ Dollars. 

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5. Italy
The reason Italy came in top 5 destinations for Indians students is that of its universities along with its culture. Italian universities have old and rich history and offer up to 100% scholarships for international students. International students are also getting free accommodation along with their fees scholarship. Italian visa policies allow international students to work for 2 years after finishing their education. Also, IELTS is not mandatory to take admissions in Italian universities. 

Best Overseas Education Consultants in Pune

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