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Meridean Overseas Education Consultant Private Limited is a start-up helping young Indian talent in motivating them not only dreaming big for shaping their future through quality education but also helping them translating it into reality.

‘Meridean Overseas’ is an effort inspired by the call of our dynamic Prime Minister to young Indians to make New India. It intends to contribute making new India through this humble attempt because every young Indian wants today to carve his place in existence in the fast moving world.

MOEC guides creating eligibility of an Indian student preparing for admission in foreign institutions. Keeping in view expected varied challenges before Indian students in foreign countries ranging from variation in culture, language, behavior, and environment to the gap between the system and techniques of imparting education. The MOEC suggests appropriate grooming courses and counseling as confidence building measures for them, particularly in addressing language-related issues.

The MOEC has come forward by adding one more dimension to the endeavor with an inclusion of economically weak but outstanding performing students coming from schools.

The MOEC has been concentrating on this venture by offering them scholarships to substantiate their expenses on fees and living all through the period they stay abroad for earning a degree of their choice. MOEC conducts a periodical examination, which is called International Scholarship Program. The curriculum of this examination matches the required level of knowledge for the admission in foreign colleges. The institution (college or university) determines the eligibility of the student strictly on the basis of her performance in the examination. The top ranking successful candidates are offered admissions.

Put traditional mindset aside and come forward breaking all barriers to achieve excellence in your choicest field from renowned education institutions of the world and scale new heights with a different identity.

We know, being an Indian, you can do.