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Latest update of UK Student Visa

Latest update of UK Student Visa

Indian students in UK are largely interested to acquire UK student visa in order to study in the most prominent universities of the world. The visa application process is an easy one which does not involve very complication process. After the application process is the interview and verification process which gets finalized based upon the interview. However, there are certain requirements that one needs to meet. Let us have the look at the requirements.

What are the requirements to apply for Indian students in UK?

  • You need of at least 16 years of age and above
  • You are proficient in English language skills
  • You have enough financial support to be backed by

Study in UK 2020 for Indian Students in UK

UK Visa application has undergone a major change and is confirming to various new updates. The changes have taken place recently since the last 3-4 months. Some of the notable changes can be stated as the following:

  • UK British Commissioner in Delhi said that 30000 visas has been issued as of September 2019, with 90% success rate which is one of the huge news that visa applicants could hear of
  • A total of 1 lakh students have applied for January who have received offer letter as well as CAS letter
  • A total of 70000 CAS letter has been issued.

What is the latest update of Indian Student in UK education system?

  • The latest update says that admission for January month is open for which students can apply. Along with this, students can also apply for scholarship
  • Students looking for MBA admission in University of Houstan can apply. London has however closed their applications for January.

Benefits of applying for Indian Student in UK visa:

UK is one of those countries that come with excellent education infrastructure facilities that promise to deliver quality education. Along with the quality education, what makes this country unique is the infrastructure facility, the rich heritage, the teaching methodology, diverse culture. Indian students in Canada are more than welcome to apply for their own needs.  All of these factors make the place an interesting one for studying. Let us look at few advantages of studying in UK:

Quality education

A lot of countries aim to follow the education system of UK as its quality is par excellence. The universities here undergo thorough inspections by QAA who are responsible for keeping check on the standard of teaching. This is done in order to ensure that the quality is maintained over time.

Unique culture

The cultural diversity offers you the change to experience an amalgamation of a diversified environment. Students here get to meet and interact with fellow students of distinct culture. In this way, they develop skills that are important for meeting the global workforce of today. If you too want to be one of the international students in UK, this is your time to be it as UK applications can be sent now.


Most of the universities in UK offering scholarship programs aiding to support the cost of living. In order apply for this; students need to be accepted to a college at first. In order to study here without scholarship, you can apply for UK education loan.

Excellent research infrastructure

The research infrastructure in UK is one of the leading in the world and has received international acclaimed recognition.

How to prepare for IELTS Lucknow as an Indian Student in UK?

As we all know, IELTS is one of the most essential tests that need to be taken for going through the universities in UK. IELTS coaching in Lucknow can be availed from professionals who are equipped with excellent teaching skills.

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