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  • Italy, A city in Europe, is a parliamentary republic. The capital of Italy is Rome. Italy is situated in south-central of Europe with a long Mediterranean Coastline. The population of Italy is 61 million that is fourth most populous country in EU member state. The economy of Italy is the third largest national economy in the Euro zone, the eighth largest by Nominal GDP in the world, and the twelfth largest by GDP (gross domestic product). It will take 8 hours 20 minutes to reach Rome, from Delhi airport. There are most famous and traditional cities of Italy like
  • Rome – famous for art and architecture.
  • Milan – Italy’s fashion capital.
  • Venice- city of canals.
  • Turin- city of piedmont.
  • Verona- famous for being the setting of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”.

The official language of Italy is Italian and Euro is the official currency. Italy covers a long boot-shaped peninsula in Western Europe as well as the islands. Italy has the truly varied climate. Temperature varies widely in Italy in the north, centre or south of the country. Basically country is rich in history and tradition. Its famous area of auspicious history is art, culture, lake, mountain, golf, boating etc. Italy is also famous for its taste as well, some traveller used to call Italy as “land of taste”. Italy is also acknowledged as the birth place of western culture.

Why Study in Italy

  • Top universities with impressive diversified environment.
  • Italy visa student can travel to all the Schengen countries.
  • Student can get the part time job during their study period.
  • Student can work up to 20 hours/week. They can earn with the part time job is 9-12 EUR per hour.
  • They provide us so many English taught degrees.
  • Italian universities charge tuition fees from international students and offer diploma, bachelors and masters programs exclusively taught in English.
  • Italy ranks amongst the eighth most industrialized countries in the world.
  • Italy provides the paid internship in top MNCs like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Giorgio Armani.


  • Medium of Instruction- English
  • IELTS/TOEFL can be waived.
  • Academic score should be 60% through some institutions accept with 50% as well.

Student must be having well in communication skills with fluent English. Student gets a Telephonic Interview call from school programmer from Italy. The interview is to judge English proficiency of candidate which lasts for 10 to 15 minutes. In addition to this, student is also interviewed by Visa officer during the Visa process.

Open University Free Courses:

Italy provides the various popular courses. It offers the variations in the courses like bachelor course in product design, visual design, car design tools, and Hospitality and tourism management. Italy covers the all field of masters as well like Hospitality Management, Culinary Arts, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Transportation and Car Design , Visual Design, Dual Specialization Master Course  Master Course in Web and Visual Design and Dual Specialization Master Course in Industrial and Interior Design.


IED, Istituto Europe di Design is a private design school in Italy. The school is organized in to four modules: design, management, visual, communication. It covers the nine cities of Italy named Milan, Cagliari, Florence, Rome, and Barcelona. It offers 29 different courses of three- year duration, with number of languages like English, Italian, and Spanish. Globally students took the advantages of these courses and enhance their knowledge and skills as well. The school was first founded in 1996 in Milan by Francesco Morelli. They offer Bachelors and masters programs having national and international standing.

Instituto Europe di Design (IED) offers various programs in bachelors. The programs of three years courses are in photography, interior design and product design, and fashion stylist, jewellery design, fashion design, graphic design, fashion design and communication, fashion marketing and fashion communication.

IED offers one year Master course in enormous areas like Master’s in Graphics Design, Art Management, Fashion Business, Arts Management, Jewellery Design, Animation Design, luxury Interior Design, Car Interior Design, and Master’s in Design, luxury Marketing Management, International Media and Entertainment, Smart Building and Sustainable design, Brand Management and Communications, Business Administration for Arts and Cultural Events, Fashion marketing, Interior Design and Fashion Design Management,  Transportation Design.


The tuition fee for the bachelors is 15000 Euros (Rs. 10, 50,000 approx.) per year. The tuition fee of masters is 18900 Euros (Rs. 13, 23, 000 approx.) per year. And for the transportation Program It costs 18900 Euros (Rs. 13, 23,000 approx.) for first year and 15000 Euros (Rs. 10, 50, 000 approx.) for subsequent year. The intakes for the bachelors are October and February (depends upon the course). The intakes for the masters are in April, February, and October (depends upon the course). The general entry requirements for the Bachelors are High school, Diploma, Design Portfolio. Bachelor’s degree, Design Portfolio is must in master’s course.

Academia riaci

It was established in 1983. The school is situated in historic city centre of Florence, Italy. It is an academy for Art, Design and Culinary Arts. The school offers professional on training in various artistic fields and conduct the course programs according to the preference of the students. The numbers of students are limited as small group of students so that it is quite easy to held practical classes, excursion and theoretical classes. All courses are taught in Italian with free English interpretation service. The curriculum, therefore, includes market research and business analysis. The training field of Academia Riaci is Fashion Design, Leather Art, and Painting and Drawing, Ceramics, jewellery design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Restoration of paintings and Glass Art.

Academia Riaci offers the one year master program in Fashion Design, Jewellery Design, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Leather Art, Painting and Drawing, Restoration of Paintings, Ceramics, Glass Art. The tuition fees for these masters’ courses are 16600 Euros (12, 45,000 approx.) for one year. The intakes for masters are in September and January. The general entry requirements for masters are bachelor’s degree of four years or equivalent work experience and design portfolio.


Scuola Politenica di Design is the oldest Italian institute in the design sector and visual communication. SPD has trained thousands of designer coming from 50 different countries and approximately 60% international student. The school offers the practical knowledge and real projects with the promoting environment having strong and friendly relation with the professionals.

The school provides the one year master programs in Industrial Design, Interior Design, Master on Industrial and Interior Design, web and visual design also, Transport and car Design. The school provide the foundation program for one year in Product Design, Visual Design and Car Design Tools. The tuition fees for these foundation is 10900 Euros to 11300 Euros (Rs. 7, 63,000 to Rs. 7,91,000 approx.) and for masters courses, 15900 Euros to 20900 Euros ( Rs. 11, 13,000 to Rs. 14,63, 000 approximately ). The last intakes for these courses are in October and the deadline they prefer is 15th of June. The entry requirements for the Masters Programs as well as Foundation Programs are Bachelors’ Degree and Design Portfolio


Academia Costume and Moda is one of the few educational establishments in the world that serves in the field of Fashion Design, Theatre and Film Costume, Styling of Jewellery, Communication and journalism fashion. It is based in Rome and was established in 1964. Students are taught to focus their creativity through research, design experimentation, prototyping and craftsmanship. The principle of the school is to sees its mission of nurturing the individual talents of the students, helping them to define their own unique creative identity.

They deal with the both Masters and Bachelors programs simultaneously. They provide the Bachelors program of three years in fashion accessories design, fashion editor- styling and communication. The Master’s program of one year in fashion design, Creative knitwear Design, Fashion jewellery, Accessories design like leather goods, shoes and eyewear, art and craft of costume designer for Opera and Ballet. The tuition fee for bachelors programs is 12500 Euros (Rs. 8, 75, 000 approx.) per year. The tuition fees for masters is 20000 Euros (Rs. 14, 00, 000 approx.) for one year in November intake and for bachelor’s programs, its intake is October. The documents required for entry in bachelors’ programs is High school diploma, Design Portfolio. The documents required for entry in masters is bachelor’s degree and Design Portfolio.

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Vesuvio International School of Hospitality is situated in the south –western Italian city of Naples. This is the school of Hospitality is an international institute which welcomes domestic and international students in order to create a mix of cultures, training and professional empowerment and enhance the academic graph level. They offer the technical learning by integrate training opportunities in the area of Business, Hospitality, Tourism Management. The school also provides MBA Degree in the field of Hospitality, Travel and Tourism to students from all round the world.

The school offers the diploma programs of one year is in hospitality management, travel and tourism, culinary arts. The bachelors programs for three years in hospitality management, tourism and travel management and culinary arts as well. The students can do their masters course for one year in hospitality management, tourism and travel, management and MBA specialization in tourism and travel management and Culinary Arts.

The fee charged for diploma by school is Euros 7200 (Rs. 5, 04, 000 approx.). The admission fee for first year in bachelors are Euros 7200 (Rs. 5, 04, 000 approx.) and Euros 8200 (Rs. 5, 74, 000 approx.) for second year. The admission charge for third year is Euros 9200(Rs. 6, 44, 000 approx.). The admission fee for masters is Euros 9200 (Rs. 6, 44,000 approx.).

The primary intake of school is the October intake, also known as fall intake. Winter intake or January intake is offered by the school as well.  According to school, there are primarily four intakes in an academic year; January, April, July, October. The entry requirement for studies at diploma is High School Diploma. For bachelor’s level, the document required is High School Diploma. In order to qualify for master’s program, you must have your Bachelor’s Degree.


The college was founded in 1972 and originally located within a religious school called Pro Deo University. The university created programs in Art History, International Affairs and English literature. In 1991, the school became an independent university under the name John Cabot University and became accredited in 2003, in the United States by the Middle States Associates of Colleges and School and is authorized by the Italian ministry of Public Education. Degrees in business administration, international affairs and public administration are also accredited by the University of Wales.

The bachelor’s degree programs cover most of the fields like art history, business administration , classical studies, arts in communications, political science, marketing, Italian studies, International business, International affairs, Humanistic studies, History, English literature, Economics and Finance.

The tuition fee is capped based on the level of education pursued, for 8500 Euros per term (Rs. 5, 95, 000 approx.) There are three intakes are available in John Cabot University, January, May, October. The general entry requirements for bachelors are High School Diploma and IELTS 6.0 with no bands less than 6.0.

Required documents

Documents required for making an application

  • 10 the Mark sheet and certificate
  • 12th Mark sheet and certificate
  • Bachelor’s Degree – All individual semester wise/Annual mark sheets
  • Basic Design Portfolio for Design courses
  • Statement of Purpose(SOP)
  • Two letter of Recommendation (LOSs)
  • Passport copy- First and Last page
  • Resume
  • Experience certificate- if any

All these documents are required in soft for making application

Documents required for visa

Visa application form

  • Offer letter of the Institution duly signed and stamped by an authorized person of the Institution.
  • Work Experience Certificate (if any) duly signed and stamped by an authorized person of the Organization.
  • Highest Degree/Diploma duly signed and stamped by an authorized person of the institution and certified by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (Apostils certificate).Declaration of Value of the applicant’s educational certificates duly legalized by the Consular office of the Embassy or alternatively not required as advised by the local Italian Institution.
  • Prearranged accommodation. Reservation of accommodation is accepted provided that the student has paid a deposit and a cancellation fee is involved. Please note that proof of prearranged accommodation has to be presented even if it is arranged or covered by the institution.
  • Airplane ticket booking.
  • Travel Medical Insurance of 30,000 Euros at least for one month.
  • Two colour photographs (45 mm Height and 35 mm Width) of the applicant with white background (70-80% face visibility).
  • Documents indicating that you possess sufficient means of subsistence both for the duration of the intended stay and for the return to your country of origin or residence.
  • Affidavit of Support from the sponsor.
  • Bank account statement of the applicant’s sponsor for the last three months duly signed and stamped by an authorized person of the bank. Funds should be 6 months old.
  • Income tax return acknowledgment of sponsor for the last three assessment years.

Visa procedure

The student needs to visit the nearest VFS centre to submit Visa file.

  • The student must carry all documents as mentioned above.
  • The student will have to undergo a brief security check before a token is issued.
  • For submission of Visa application the student will be called at the submission counters as per the token number. Staff will check the completeness of application and capture application information in the system.
  • Funds to the tune of 7200 Euro per year or 600 Euro for each month of academic year will need to be shown in the bank account of sponsor.
  • Applicants applying for Study Visa have to pay Visa Fees of 60 Euros. However they need to pay the VFS Service Charge (inclusive of all taxes) of INR 1015 and Cash handling charges of Rs. 60.
  • An acknowledgement receipt will be issued for submission of VISA application and payment of Visa fees.
  • Students are being called to the Embassy for an interview after which the Visa will be granted within 10 to 15 days.