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International English Language Testing System is the most trusted student assessment system (exam). It is accepted by thousands of organizations in over 135 countries due to. Its proper coverage of all for dimensions of the language i.e. Reading, listening, speaking, writing, along with its high-quality control and fair assessment characteristics.

IELTS Coaching in Pune | IELTS Preparation in Pune

IELTS Institute in Pune | IELTS Pune

Meridean Overseas is the top IELTS institute in Pune due to its student-centric curriculum and hands-on teaching methodology.

Unlike the other numerous institutes spread across the city which fail to live up to students’ expectations, we ensure that each student is given the personal attention he/she deserves. IELTS Training Center in Pune should not only be limited to the already fluent English speakers but those with a weaker background should be given a fair chance too. This is exactly how we function, taking under its ominous wing all kinds of students.

At Meridean, the curriculum, duration of the ielts prepration, and class strategy are designed and executed according to the student’s requirements and current language levels. The faculty here believes in teaching methodology that constantly engages and challenges the student. Being an education-oriented institute, Student welfare, optimum guidance, and their successful transition abroad is our prime motive.

Keeping that in mind each student should be given individual attention, regular classes and daily practice sessions are held at the convenience of the aspirant to enable him to learn at his/her own pace without rushing.

So far we have been able to achieve a very high success rate of 85% in placing students in top universities worldwide due to their improved IELTS scores. We only aspire to grow beyond all barriers and provide the Best IELTS Classes in Pune to study abroad aspirants.

  • We provide an end to end solution for students searching for IELTS Coaching in Pune.
  • Students can easily score 8.0+ Bands with our unique teaching methodology and flexible approach.
  • The teachers are highly experienced pass-outs of prestigious international colleges such as Oxford, Birmingham, and Warwick.
  • The curriculum uses a two pronged approach that includes theory classwork as well as practical training to help students gain confidence in all facets of the language.
  • Every student gets different classwork and homework according to their own specific requirements.
  • Regular mock tests are held in real time to inculcate in students the practice of exam time management and application.
  • Classes are held throughout the day to facilitate easy practice sessions and doubt clearance.
  • Digital learning methods are employed to make the concepts easier to understand and also to get used to spoken fluency and various accents.

International English Language Testing System is the most trusted student assessment system. It is an international standardized test designed to assess the abilities of the students regarding the English language. It is accepted by thousands of organizations in over 135 countries due to its proper coverage of all dimensions of a language i.e. Reading, listening, speaking, writing. It also maintains high-quality control and conducts a fair assessment of all candidates.

It is preferred by many universities, schools, training colleges, and tertiary institutes. Government departments and agencies, Professional and industry bodies, and Multinational companies also use the IELTS as a reference to offer visas, employment, and sponsorship. Contact the best IELTS Pune to get a top score of 8.0+ Bands in Listening, Writing, Speaking, as well as Reading.


The IELTS test is an international standardized test that is designed to evaluate students on their language skills. Since India is a non-native English speaking country, very few people have a good hold over this foreign tongue. Even after years of English training in school, studies show that students lack in the basic skills of the language. Moreover, the test itself requires intense preparation and concept based learning which is best provided by a reputed IELTS coaching institute like Meridean.


Coaching for IELTS entails a dual approach. The theory classes are conducted to explain the basic concepts of the language. The practical training envelopes parts such as spoken fluency, grammatical usage, and training for all 4 parts of the test, namely, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Meridean Overseas holds daily classes where the students can interact with the teachers and also with fellow peers in an environment that is conducive to learning.


Meridean Overseas believes in giving every aspirant an equal opportunity to go abroad. In line with this belief, there are no minimum requirements set in stone. While a minimum grasp on the language is necessary to succeed in the test, our teachers do their best to help weaker students cope up with the nuances of the language.


While daily attendance is deemed necessary to score well, Meridean Overseas has overwritten the batch system with its own innovative idea. Students don’t need to enrol in particular batches. The teachers are available throughout the day and students can come in anytime during the working hours to learn. A daily time commitment of 3 hours is recommended ideally but it is not a hard and fast rule to be enforced. We believe in allowing a child to learn at his/her own convenient timings and pace.


Apart from IELTS Preparation Pune, MOEC provides students with all the help they need to pursue academics abroad. From counseling to visa processing, we have experts to see you through to the end. If you need help shortlisting universities, filling out applications, writing essays or any other doubts, MOEC  is always there to help. What’s more, we don’t even charge counselling fees!


The fee for all registrations after April 2018 is INR 12650.


The IELTS test has no pass/fail system. The students are simply graded on a 9 band scale with 0 being the least proficient and 9 being an expert user. Although, most universities maintain a minimum requirement for their admission process. This grade can vary from university to university. Usually, a 5.5 is considered must for any chance and 7+ will suffice for most universities.


The test can be written any number of times by a student. Each attempt requires re-registering yourself by paying the fees again.


The IELTS Pune test contains 4 basic sections. Each section is designed to evaluate a crucial aspect of the student’s abilities to use the language. The four sections are:


This section has 3 different reading assignments followed by 40 questions. The questions can be of any type from MCQs to True/False. A total of 60 minutes is awarded to finish this part. It is used to test whether the student can comprehend the details, theme, main idea, and facts presented in a written manner.


This section tests the how well the applicant is able to understand and grasp what is being said. Various accents are used during the 4 voice clips that are played. The clips are not repeated at any cost. 40 questions follow with 60 minutes allotted to finish this section.


Many consider this section to be the most difficult one. It assesses a student’s skills in the writing domain such as cohesion, lexicon library, and grammar. It has 2 distinct tasks, the first one smaller than the second. 20 minutes are given for the first one and 40 for the second.


The speaking section is usually conducted on a separate date altogether than other 3 sections. The date is given by the issuing authorities and is either week before or after the main date. It has 3 different parts. This part lasts anywhere between 11 to 16 minutes depending on the examiner and student’s answers.

IELTS Preparation in Pune | IELTS Institute in Pune


The IELTS Pune test is conducted over 48 times every year across 35 cities in India. Worldwide, it has about 1100 centres spread across 140 countries spanning the entire globe. It is of 2 types:

    1. ACADEMIC VERSION – This version issued to test how well the student is equipped to cope with the challenges of a classroom. Your academic English proficiency is taken into account. Students who wish to pursue a degree or vocational course abroad should choose this.
    2. GENERAL TRAINING – This version is for those immigrants who are looking to settle down in the host country by taking up a job. It tests the person’s general English abilities and how well he can use the tongue to survive in an English speaking nation.

One can register for the test online by logging into the official IELTS India website. They also provide clear instructions about the exact steps of registration. Offline registration can either be done by visiting the nodal center in your city and filling out the form or by sending a courier with all the mentioned documents to the IDP office in Gurgaon.

ielts coaching in Pune



The very first step that we take as soon as a child registers for our classes is conducted a level test. It is a real-time IELTS based test conducted in the presence of an expert faculty. This test allows us to identify the weaknesses and strengths of the applicant. Based on the results, students are recommended any of the following four programs.

  1. EXPRESS – This is the shortest course we have on offer. It lasts for a week and includes intense sessions that acclimate the student to the actual test. It is suitable for those who are already prepared and just need some tips and tricks to get the highest possible score. Many mock tests are conducted which are scored on a 9 band scale so that students can form strategies to tackle the actual test.
  2. CRASH – This is a 3-week classroom contact program for students who are proficient in English but haven’t started preparing yet. The 3 weeks are spent going over crucial concepts and theories that are important for the test. The students are taught to maximize their strengths and final scores with dedicated practice.
  3. REGULAR – This is the most popular course. Students who need more time to understand the concepts are inducted here for 5 weeks. The most basic concepts are reiterated along with rigorous practice that gets them in the zone to score well on IELTS.
  4. COMPREHENSIVE – This is for the students who are very weak in their language skills. They are usually marked by poor grammar, inept fluency, and inability to comprehend higher level passages. They are given an intense 8-week head start to bring them up to speed with the basics of English grammar. Once they catch up, they are taught at the same pace as the regular students.

IELTS Pune | IELTS Classes in Pune | Best IELTS Coaching in Pune

It is preferred on the priority basis by Universities, schools, training colleges, tertiary institutes. Government departments and agencies Professional and industry bodies, Multinational companies, and employers. IELTS institute in Pune Maharashtra to get top 8.0+ Band in Listening, Writing, Speaking, Reading.

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Top Rating IELTS Coaching in PuneDefinitely, especially if you are lucky enough to stumble into Meridean Overseas. Our success owed to many reasons. But the sole reason being the student compatible curriculum that we offer.

Unlike all the other numerous institutes available guised as educational institutes. Who provides a limited number of classes and deal with the students of a fair to good level only, we at Meridean Overseas strive and struggle to train and educate the students with needs and abilities of all levels.

Meridean Overseas the curriculum, duration the training, and core basic beginning ielts preparation in Pune are designed and executed according to the student requirements and his current language level. Because we at Meridean believe in student satisfactory services, since being an education-oriented institute Student welfare, correct guidance, and bringing and placing them at an international platform such that their future is bright with ample opportunities and secure, is out the prior motive.

  • Meridean Overseas Provide
  • Students easily get 8.0+ Band in IELTS Classes in Pune.
  • Toll-free 1800-1230-00011 for any Inquiry.

Keeping that in mind each student is given individual attention, regular classes and daily practice sessions, convenience to learn at his own pace, and most importantly thorough and deep guidance.

So far we have been able to achieve an 80-85% success rate in students IELTS Score and we only intend to make it better and better since the capability and future of every student is going to add on to the bigger picture of our economy and their happy, successful careers.

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