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How will the win of Conservative Party help Indian students?

How will the win of Conservative Party help Indian students?

The change in political scenario is directly related to changes in the education sector while benefitting students from across the world. With the two parties, Labour party, and Conservative party contesting elections, the students will highly be benefitted with the new systems being adopted as far as Conservative Party is concerned.

Let us talk about the party whose win can benefit the students and in what ways. It is also a detailed report of UK immigration update.

Limiting Unskilled Workers to Avail Permanent Residence UK

Boris Johnson, the contesting Prime Minister from Conservative Party seeks to limit the unskilled migrants from entering UK immigration 2020. This has been the norm since the rule of the Labour Party who has been inviting unskilled UK citizens while stopping the entry of skilled migrants. Boris Johnson seeks to bring a change to this norm and limit unskilled migrants. This will benefit the skilled UK immigration student towards attaining benefits regarding entry to the country.

Points Based Immigration System Benefiting Permanent residence UK

Boris Johnson also intends to implement Australian style Points Based Immigration System. Students under this system will be judged as per the skill, age and experience. If the work resume matches all of these criteria, then students can also apply directly for a permanent residence UK.

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Incorporation of PSW Visa Benefiting Permanent Residence UK

Another thing Boris Johnson wants to bring about is PSW visa, better known as post-study work visa. Similar to the Point Based Immigration System, PSW visa too is an adaptation of the Australian system. Under this system, students post the completion of Masters Course in UK student life, will be allowed to stay for a period of 2 years in UK in the quest for new work.

This offers a total tenure of 4 years for which the students will be allowed to stay in the country and look for work. It offers a huge incentive for individuals who wish to consider making a life in the UK. However, students will only be eligible for this visa when they complete Masters Course in UK for a period of 2 years. Attain UK study visa 2020 by preparing for the exams from professional coaching centres. Availing UK study visa 2020 is not more a constraint and can be availed by following a few necessary steps and preparation.

How will Students Avail Permanent Residence UK?

The new rules are going to be implemented from January 2021 onwards, only if Boris Johnson wins the election. He further added that there is no space for anti-Indian sentiments in UK. In this way, Indian students and overseas students will benefit towards attainment of permanent residence UK from winning of the Conservative Party in the UK.

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With two prominent parties contesting elections against one another, win of Boris Johnson will truly be the most advantageous thing for students in India and overseas willing to study and avail permanent residence UK.

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