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Kyiv Medical University of UAFM

Our University is one of the few private institutions of medical education in Ukraine. Since 1992, when Kyiv Medical University was founded, we were determined to achieve the highest international standards of education and providing to our students only fundamental knowledge of medicine. We have succeeded in achieving this goal, which confirmed by recruiting our graduates by clinics in Ukraine and worldwide. Because many students of KMU are foreign, today we provide teaching at KMU in Ukrainian, Russian and English, that supplies the huge opportunities in international occupational cooperation. Starting from the 1st course our students have an access to modern

                                                                         Study in Ukraine 2018/19

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Bogomolets National Medical University

Shield of baroque shape with contouring of golden color. In the blue field of the shield, there is the schematized sketch for the facade of a morphological building of NMU with silver color, where instead of columns under the gallery there is the abbreviation �NMU�. Under the abbreviation, there is a semi-wreath from celery leaves in the form of the golden globe. The stylish image of Asklepsiy�s crook with the golden snake is put on the image of facade and semi-wreath, over the handle of the crook there is the image of three flame tips with golden color. The shield has the framing in the form of the wreath from oak and laurel leaves of golden color, intertwisted with the blue ribbon. The shield top looks like a symmetrical composition, which consists of blue yellow ribbon and small state emblem of Ukraine.

                                                                   Study in Ukraine 2018/19