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Checklist for study abroad

Checklist for study abroad

Checklist for study abroad

If you are thinking about study abroad first think comes to your mind from where you should start and what you have to do for study abroad!!!!

Here we are giving you a little bit brief idea for your checklist what you have to check before study abroad.

  1. Which course you want to do?

For study abroad, which course you have to do is a big and important question for students. We advise students they should select there course according to their intermediate stream for bachelors and for masters according to their bachelor’s degree course. It should be related to your previous studies respectively which is easy and helpful for student to achieve their dream of study abroad and for future achievements. If students, select their course not related to their field sometimes it may cause problem in visa because in visa interview a very important question, they asked why you want to do this course? If you have idea about your field, you can easily tell them what you want to achieve in your life.

  1. Where you want to go?
  • You can choose you destination easily if you narrow down the list of countries according to your choice. It depends on your choice how you want to explore the world as well as yourself.
  • You can go for English speaking countries or another language country if you are interested in seeking new languages.
  • You can prefer to study abroad in rural or urban settings.
  • Quality of study in country
  • You can search on internet by country by city or by student’s blog about the countries which can help you out in selection of country where you want to go.

After deciding what course and where to go, you have idea in your mind what you have to take first step towards yours dream of study abroad.

  1. Study abroad through agencies or by your own?

If you go through agencies it would we very helpful for you in many terms. You can find best universities, best country for you, and agencies help students from their first step to last step of whole process of study abroad which includes:

  • selection of country
  • selection of course
  • selection of universities
  • application process
  • visa process

And some agencies also help students after their visa process.

If you apply your own you should be careful about the whole process everything should be searched in detail, selection of university in special case, fraud universities cases are very common in now a day.

  1. Application

Students should know the last date of application of universities. You can apply through your agencies’ or direct to the site of universities.

Prepare documents, passport, fees payments etc.

  1. Visa process

After getting your offer letter from university, you have to apply for visa. In that you have to prepare your documents and preparation of visa interview.

MOEC is here to help you in achieving you dreams. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions about studying abroad. We always help you free of charge!



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