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A Beginner’s Strategy to Prepare for IELTS

A Beginner’s Strategy to Prepare for IELTS

Do you aspire to join a highly esteemed university abroad for higher education? If going abroad for higher education is your dream, you should work towards the same as soon as possible. IELTS –International English Language Testing System, is a standardized set of test including key sections like reading, listening, writing, and speaking. If you wish to get admission in a high-end university in some English-speaking country, the chances are that you are required to pass the IELTS Lucknow tests online.

Before you take the IELTS test, it is recommended to go through the guidelines about the best university to study abroad for ensuring yourself a lucrative career ahead. If you are just starting out, joining a lucrative IETLS coaching in Jaipur can be a great way to kick start your new journey. Here are some additional tips from the leading consultants in Jaipur to study abroad:

Understand the Concept of IELTS Scoring

When you join a professional institute for IELTS preparation in Pune, you should first understand the concept of IELTS scoring. The grades of the test –referred to as “bands,” are awarded on a 1-9 scale. Depending on your proficiency in handling different sections during the IELTS test, you are given the specific bands accordingly. The final IELTS result is the average of the bands received in individual test sections.

Analyze the Test Format

Once you have joined a valuable IELTS institute in Pune, and wish to excel in your preparation, analyzing the overall test patter is another vital step in the given direction. Typically, an IELTS test is known to comprise of the following sections:

  • Listening Test -30 minutes containing 4 sections
  • Reading Test -60 minutes containing 3 sections
  • Speaking Test -11-15 minutes containing 3 sections
  • Writing Test -60 minutes
  • Writing General Test -60 minutes

Identify the Current Level

When you are a beginner to IELTS, the best way of analyzing your current level is going through a real IELTS practice paper under the exam-like conditions and marking your test results honestly. When you take up practice papers for Lucknow IELTS preparation, it can prove to be a great way of improving your overall performance as well as an understanding of the exam format. However, at the same time, it is recommended to take tests online only from reliable, legitimate sources. The overall purpose of taking up fake tests can be highly misleading for your overall preparation.

Equip with the Necessary Tools

You can come across a myriad of useful tools online while preparing for your IELTS from reliable IELTS coaching in Lucknow. A good coaching institute is responsible for providing you with all the essential preparatory resources and materials that can help you with round-the-clock IELTS preparation. When you have the right materials in hand, you can prepare well for the IELTS test and be assured of your success in the first attempt.

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