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The University of Mauritius was officially established by the University of Mauritius Ordinance in December 1965incorporating the existing School of Agriculture. In 1971, the University of Mauritius Act further defined the objects, powers, functions and structure of the university On 24 March 1972, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, accompanied by His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, inaugurated the University of Mauritius


Elite Business School wants to become a major player in the Tertiary Education Sector as a provider of quality education and to create the pathway leading to Academic and Professional Excellence for the people of Mauritius and other foreign Countries.

Since 2011 Elite Business School has grown as a quality education provider and it’s still in a growing stage, with due time we are in process of collaborating with many international universities from UK, New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada etc. for different professional courses in-country as well as pathway programs. Elite Business School students have secured best of results on many professional exams till date and which is making our partners to have a strong faith and continue the business relationship in a broader way. Elite is always looking forward to give best guidance and career to local as well as international students to be successful in Global Market and make their own identity.


The Executive Business and Computational Institute (referred to as ‘EBCI‘) proudly provides of one of the world’s best education degree programmes in the African and Asian regions.
EBCI is a Private Tertiary Education Institution operating in Mauritius. It enjoys the prestigious distinction of being recognised by the Tertiary Education Commission and provides educational programmes at Tertiary level.

EBCI is working with British Awarding Bodies, namely the British Computer Society, the University of London/London School of Economics and Political Science.

By teaching the International Degree Programmes academically led by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and awarded by the University of London (UoL), EBCI has positioned itself as the provider of world’s best educational programmes in Mauritius.

To teach its programmes, EBCI has a pool of local and international esteemed lecturers/professors who transmits knowledge to learners in a systematic and practical way, using both theoretical and practical methods of learning. If required, EBCI also calls upon international experts to conduct training in specific fields.

The main aim of EBCI is to democratise quality education by making undergraduate and postgraduate programmes more affordable.

Programmes are also being offered as per the requirements of the labour market demand of regional countries not only to ensure the employability of people, but also to support the development of the region.

This has resulted into a diverse student population consisting of people from different countries at EBCI. Such an environment creates opportunities for people from different backgrounds to share their experiences, knowledge, and skills. Students benefit in countless ways from such opportunities, as they develop a more open and global attitude, which is definitely advantageous for their career at international level.